Welcome to the company that is exquisitely compared to a Diamond.


Elvipharma, LLC is Temperature/Humidity controlled with 11,000 square feet facility. Our capacity to pack approximately 300,000 bottles and more per month. Also we have just completed FDA inspection in December 2013.

What distinguishes Elvipharma, LLC from other companies is the time and effort we dedicate to understanding our business partners needs and our proven ability to work professionally and efficiently. Elvipharma, LLC can pack all the pharmaceuticals products in solid dosage forms (Tablets/Capsules) in any packaging size as per our client needs in accordance with target timelines and competitive prices.

About Us

Just like it takes time for a diamond to attain it's shine ElviPharma makes sure that every drug product is sent out sedulously with the utmost pride and confidence in our work. ElviPharma has a clear motive which is to provide all of it's clients with the best quality conceivable.   

      Our Services

Elvipharma LLC is FDA registered contract packaging company and committed to work diligently and timelessly to make sure we get the job done right. We provide many services one of them being contract packaging in tablet/capsule form.


 Elvipharma, LLC - 60 Ethel Road West. Suite 1 & 2 - Piscataway - NJ - 08854 -

Phone No: (732) 640-2707 - Fax No.: (732) 640-2708

Please forward Sales inquiries to the email: sales@elvipharmausa.com

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